What is the best strategy for refreshing data sources for ArcGIS Server?

07-27-2016 02:53 PM
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I have published a map document as a Map Service from ArcGIS Server that is consumed by ArcGIS Portal to display maps in a web app. The actual data source for the map document comes from a shape file. This shape file gets updated on nightly basis and I want the portal to reflect the updates to the map accordingly.

The question that I have is: would updating the shape file automatically update the map that is hosted on the Portal? If not, what steps should I follow to make it happen? I am new to this technologies so I will appreciate any help.

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Yes, updating the shapefile, as long as the folder is a registered data store directory with ArcGIS Server, would flow through.  Update the shapefile, the Web App would show the changes on the next REST call. (e.g. Pan/zoom the map)

Schemalock should be set to FALSE in the service editor.

Filegeodatabases is a better alternative than having shapefiles laying around.

Enterprise SDE and FME or some custom .net ETL process would be even better.

But I guess it depends on what you plan on doing. Or how much scalability you want to put into this.

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