webgisdr to Azure File Storage - very slow

09-15-2019 07:01 PM
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Hi there,

I have a webgisdr properties file that uses azure file storage (v2) which is accessed via smb on my servers. I've used cmdkey to cache credentials and can access the share fine from my ArcGIS service account. It's really slow to stage the portal content and then to pack the final webgisdr zip file - has anyone else come across this? I've gone back to a file server for staging and blob storage in the meantime but would like to here if anyone has had similar experiences.



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Waking this from the dead, but yes, we have the same thing. Instead, we have been staging the backups to a file share on our Portal server and then writing to blob storage as the final step, which WAS working well. But now that our content has grown, it is failing with java heap errors and other random things where arbitrary parts of our backup aren't actually getting uploaded to Azure Blob storage. We have a ticket open about it, but in the meantime, we'll explore using Azure Files only as the final destination, or potentially doing the backups entirely locally/file-share then manually copying those backup files to Azure Files or Blob storage. (10.7.1 on Windows Server).

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