webgisdr not deleting temporary files

04-11-2022 11:20 PM
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Hello all,

We have an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 installation with a HA set-up. 

Recently we changed the datastore backup location to use an AWS FsX Drive rather than a local drive to avoid issues if one of the drives fails over. These files are then bundled up through the webgisdr process and sent to an AWS S3 bucket for its final resting location.

What we are noticing is that the files on the FsX Drive are not being deleted, even though we have the keep backup duration set to 1 day. This means we need to monitor and manually delete the back-up files so the FsX Drive does not fill up.

This does not seems to be the case when it was sending the temporary files to a local drive. 

Is there another setting in webgisdr that I need to activate or is this just the way it works if it is not sent locally?




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