Webgisdr backups runs for 16hours to take a Full Backup.Is this expected ?

02-11-2019 12:58 PM
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We have an Enterprise ArcGIS platform with HA setup. For the backups we use the webgisdr tool. This tool is taking around 16 hours to complete a full backup of 6GB size. Is this expected behavior in terms of time ? 



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What part of the process is taking the longest? If the BACKUP_LOCATION is set to a share, then I imagine that's what's taking the most time, (this is the "packaging" message". You can confirm from the cmd output or the logs.

Zipping the backup takes a significant amount of time if you have a large amount of data and are backing up to a share. We are investigating ways to reduce this time, either by optimizing the packaging operation or providing an option to not package it at all and simply copy the backups to the BACKUP_LOCATION.

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In my experience, a full webgisdr backup of a QA environment (no data) should take between 15 - 30 minutes. When this is scaled up to a production system with thousands of users? Between 3 to 10 hours. Luckily for us, the ArcGIS Enterprise platform is quite stable and we have ICT mechanisms to provide resilience. My advice would be to:

  • Host the webgisdr utility on a dedicated VM (perhaps a web adaptor server) so that it does not compete for resources
  • Have the shared location & backup location set to \\portal VM\MyBackups on an appropriate drive
  • If required, exclude read/write anti-virus scanning on the above locations
  • If required, exclude any security measures that would monitor webgisdr (I believe it runs as a java process) - correct me if I am wrong.

The above tips reduced our FULL backups from 10 hours to 3. Ultimately it is a conversation between the business, GIS team and IT on what is an unacceptable risk and whether webgisdr can mitigate that risk.