WebGIS DR: Adjust Size of Writes to BACKUP_LOCATION

08-07-2020 08:40 PM
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When WebGIS DR writes the backup to my company's on-premise file servers, the writes (512 bytes in length per Process Monitor) take a long time and WebGIS DR would take about 15 hours to write 4 GB, which is unreasonable.

However, when I copy the file from ArcGIS Server's C drive to the file server using Windows Explorer, Windows Explorer writes 1,048,576 bytes at a time and finishes in a snap.

How do I tell WebGIS DR to write more data each time?

Some Statistics About Each WebGIS DR Write to BACKUP_LOCATION (all times are in seconds):

BACKUP_LOCATION: Network file server

25th percentile  1.22E-02

median  1.24E-02

75th percentile  1.26E-02


25th percentile  1.50E-06

median  1.80E-06

75th percentile  2.60E-06

Finally, some statistics about copying the file from the C drive to the file server:

25th percentile    1.71E-01
median    2.29E-01
75th percentile    2.61E-01

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