Web Adaptor install error 1722

09-01-2016 12:47 PM
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For a couple of weeks I've been having trouble getting our ArcGIS server to integrate with the web adaptor through IIS. I can access our GIS server through port 6080 outside of our network, but everything on the server itself is still "localhost." 

I uninstalled IIS and the web adaptor to start from scratch, and now I'm getting error 1722 when I try to reinstall the web adaptor. Anybody have experience with this error?


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You could try installing web-adaptor with a different web-adaptor NAME. If that doesn't help, try installing it silently.

Silently installing ArcGIS Web Adaptor

Choose the appropriate version from the above resource.

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Please check your web adaptorr installer package..

In my enviroment we are uninstall current web adaptor and then installed updated one without any error.

Note: please try to refresh IIS services and logoff / restart machine.

Then try to install fresh web adaptor version may be this one helps.