Web Adaptor 10.8.1 Not Resolving With DNS

02-04-2021 08:54 AM
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Have a weird situation with my ArcGIS Server Web Adaptor. I am installing 10.8.1 ArcGIS Server and Web Adaptor on the same server. I have an F5 VIP with the SSL Cert installed on the VIP. I have imported the .pfx file onto ArcGIS Server through mmc and have also added the cert to IIS and in ArcGIS Admin as well.

I can get to the rest endpoint, server manager, and admin on the server using localhost/webadaptor. However when incorporating the dns that is on the F5 I get a Page Not Found. When I use the dns with/arcgis it resolves. 

I am really trying to rack my head around this but can't seem to find the resolution.

Any help on this would be great.


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Hi Steven

Are there any content switching rules on the F5 VIP?  It potentially looks like the context is changing when the request is made to the F5.

Also, is the F5 using SSL passthrough?  SSL offloading isn't supported with ArcGIS Server.

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