Watermark Fill Issue

03-16-2020 08:05 AM
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I am setting up a basemap for use on a public facing council website. I am wanting to add a council logo watermark to this basemap and have been following the guide found here ...

How To: Add a watermark to a map service 

This has worked OK, however I am finding when I zoom into the map to a scale of 1:1500 or below ( >1500 ) The watermark image begins to pixelate and by the time I am zoomed to a scale of 1:400 it is unrecognisable. Can anyone offer any advice on why this would be happening. If I zoom out to a smaller scale ( 1:10,000 for example ) , the watermark appears to rescale itself so it remains a constant size and legibility. I cannot find any settings within the "Picture Fill Symbol" settings to adjust the actual image , so am at a loss as to why the watermark would pixelate, surely it should just be displaying the same referenced imaged on top of the map regardless of what the map scale is??

kind thanks in advance.


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