Using SID on ArcServer without ArcServer Imagery extension

05-21-2015 12:34 PM
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Here's the situation, we're working on our license for the Imagery Server but it's several weeks away and I need to start using our imagery ASAP.  I realize this is a step backwards in technology but we're running ArcServer 10.3.

We have 500 tiles of SID imagery at roughly 32GB.  My goal is to get this uploaded to the server and have it cached.

I have created a tiled map service and it works well for the small sample I worked with, but the filed decompress when uploaded.

Is there anyway to create a cached tiled imagery service that

A) Doesn't decompress the SID files (which I don't think there is)
B) Do I convert this to a mosaic?

I've tried the Tile Cache tool but it will only work for a single SID tile, not multiples.  Or I'm doing it wrong.  I am new to the server side and to large imagery data sets so I'm feeling my way around.  I've been reading for 2 days on the best methods but it seems to all conflict or I cannot get it to work.

Advice is appreciated.

Message was edited by: Eric Worthington Or is the solution to create a file geodatabase on my server, throw all the SID files into it, then run Generate Tile Cache Tiling Scheme and follow the workflow through those tools?

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In the end we just waited until the PO came through for Imagery Server + Extension.  The decompressed sid files were simply too big to deal with.

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I haven't seen this documented anywhere; do MrSID files need to be decompressed to be served without Image Server (or is it just the cached tiles that are decompressed)? So the storage saved by compressing as MrSID is essentially cancelled out by the size of the cached views?

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