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Using "clip and ship" on ArcGIS Enterprise

07-31-2023 02:41 AM
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We have an upcoming project where we need to provide users with downloads of user-defined subsets of raster datasets.

An approach we're considering using is 'clip and ship' functionality.

I just want to check - we will be using ArcGIS Pro to build and publish our datasets to Enterprise.

Is 'clip and ship' still supported in ArcGIS Pro? The documentation I have found for it describes its use in ArcGIS Desktop.





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Hi @ChrisThompson8  

Were you able to resolve it or find a way. We are also in a similar situation where we would like our end users to clip raster based on their area of interest. 


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I know this is late, but I was struggling with this forever, and just figured it out...You can do this using the Extract Data Task in Pro. It is similar to clip and ship in ArcMap. You run the task, go to the History, and then share it as a web tool. Then you can use that in WebApp Builder with the geoprocessing widget. In the configuration of the widget, click on the area of interest, and it will let you interactively draw on the map. Experience Builder doesn't have a geoprocessing widget, but I'm sure they will some day