Users with long names crashing arc map when saving

08-29-2019 07:32 AM
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I have a few users that get "blown out" or "kicked out" of Arc Map when they attempt to save their edits.

We're currently using 10.4.1 in production on a SQL 2016 Database. The geodatabases are made using 10.2.2 catalog.

The users that are experiencing this issue all have usernames over 12 characters. How can I rectify this?

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Hi Kyle,

There is a similar bug for 22 characters:  BUG-000098582: User names with more than 22 characters in SQL Server crashes ArcMap when selecting more than 100 features.

There is a patch for this behavior: ArcGIS 10.4.1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) SQL Server Quality Improvement Patch . The bug is implemented in 10.5. But it seems to be something different if it's happening at 12 characters. 

  • Are they getting any error messages or is the program completely crashing? If so, we can take a look at the dmp files.
  • What version is the enterprise geodatabase? 



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The enterprise geodatabase is being built with Arc Catalog 10.2.2.

There is no error message, Arc Map just closes out and sends the user to the desktop.

We're trying to upgrade everyone to the 10.5 version of Arc Map. However, the project we're working on has tools designed for 10.4.1.

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