Username is longer than 20 characters

06-01-2018 01:47 PM
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ESRI BUG Status Update: Username is longer than 20 characters

The status of Esri BUG-000102658 has been changed to the dreaded "Not in Current Product Plan".

  • During the installation of Portal for ArcGIS
  • When specifying the Portal for ArcGIS service account
  • The following error message displays
  • (If the combined length of the username and the domain name is longer than 20 characters)
  • "Username is longer than 20 characters"
  • Public Explanation: Use Domain\username instead of the User Principle Name (useranme@domain).

This reminds me of old Arc/Info UNIX coverages, shape files or DOS 8.3 naming limitations.

I thought Active Directory enabled systems configured for single sign-on allow 64 or more characters for authentication needs.

Maybe I missed it but I did not see this 20 character limitation listed in the esri documentation.

The Portal for ArcGIS account—Portal for ArcGIS (Windows) Installation Guide (10.5) | ArcGIS Enterpr... 

I found this link about secure authentication that lists options for up to 1,000 characters in the authentication process.

Users are unable to authenticate if their usernames are greater than 20 characters.

I think there is room for improvement here from both sides and look forward to reading you comments in this discussion.

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