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03-28-2019 02:51 PM
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Anyone seen this before? This is from our internal 10.6.1 Enterprise. I built two apps on our Portal and made them publicly accessible from our network. I made Sherman Surveyor with the ESRI Configurable Apps. I made the MCFR one with Web AppBuilder

Sherman Surveyor works inside and out:

MCFR works inside:

But from outside redirects to our internal names, giving this:

Tech support is stumped. Anyone else have ideas?

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Do you recall the URL used to access the Web Application Builder to build the app? If you look at the properties for the application, the URLs all point to the invalid url:


Are you using a reverse proxy, (public.co.wasco.or.us), and is wc-esri-product-wasco-co.local the web adaptor URL? Easiest thing to do is to update the URL manually within the item information page when you're signed in, but my guess is the application was created/saved when accessing the Portal via wc-esri-product-wasco-co.local and not public.co.wasco.or.us. What I would do is a simple test, reach the Portal via the WA and create a test app. Reach the Portal via the public URL and create another app. Check which works when accessed externally.

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Sorry about the long delay in responding, I did a bunch of work with tech support and our IS department. It looks like the problem was that I had the portal web adapter and server web adapter installed on both our internal machine with portal/server installed on it and machine on our DMZ. We unfederated and removed the web adapters on the internal machine, then uninstalled portal web adapter on the DMZ machine, then reinstalled and federated both the web adapters only on the DMZ machine. This actually failed the first time, fortunately we were able to roll back to a recent checkpoint and it worked the second time. I'm


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