Upgrading to 10.7.1 Enterprise stack - time

10-18-2019 10:19 AM
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How long did it take you to upgrade to 10.7.1?  I upgraded from 10.6.1 Enterprise and was faced with 6 hour install time for all parts of the stack.   I didn't use Builder, though 10.6.1 was installed with one.   I frankly didn't trust Builder not to explode as I upgraded, and chose to go the a la carte route.

Is this what others are seeing too?  I certainly don't have an underpowered machine, it surpasses the recommendations.  We're a small local govt and aren't seeing a need to split up the stack on separate instances yet.   That's a performance thing, anyhow.  Wouldn't be related to installation/upgrade.

Anyone else run into the same issues?   Was a long night to get the upgrade done.  I'm not looking forward to 10.8, considering there are apps I have installed in my Portal that have bugs from 10.7.1 (but weren't present in 10.6.1, of course)

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Hi Matt,

The time it takes to upgrade the deployment is different for everyone. This may depend on your available system resources, but that is not the only factor. The Portal upgrade generally takes the longest and will consume the most memory resources, and will take longer depending on how much content you have, how many accounts are registered, and how many components and customizations are deployed.

Hope this helps.

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OK.  I think a little communication from ESRI in the documentation and perhaps the install itself would help an administrator.  Consider changing "this may take several minutes"  to something more reasonable.   Like I said, I had a system whose architecture was above the "recommended" machine type from ESRI... 

Consider that we have to generally take a system completely down and perform our upgrades during non-business hours.   The more info we have, the better to make a successful upgrade.

Thanks for listening.

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Actualmente tenemos Portal Onpremise 10.5, próximamente estaremos empezando a planificar migrar a 10.7 y este tema me preocupa mucho, espero que ande bien cuando necesite migrar próximamente. Hasta ahora tengo las experiencia migrar ArcGIS Server y Desktops y Cuztomizados apps  8.3 -->9.0-->9.3-->10.1-->10.5....y esperamos en marzo/20 migrar a 10.7, puedo recomendar comenzar con el ambiente de desarrollo , luego test, y ultimo producción, documentar desde el principio todo lo que se hace y los problemas que se enfrentan que se repetirán en los otros ambientes. Al día de hoy creo que nunca fue 100% limpio, en producción siempre surgió algo raro o nuevo, pero se soluciono en 24/72hs

Quedo atento, espero que les sirva mi aporte.

Anibal Martinez

Telecom Argentina SA


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Did you initially set up the environment with the AEB? If so, at this point you won't be able to upgrade using the AEB in the future since you've upgraded everything manually. I know you did it all manually this time, but just wanted to call that out.

Do you have the resources to stand up a new deployment to upgrade? We're looking to better support upgrades with no downtime, or at least less risk by replicating the environment, then upgrading the replicated environment so you can avoid downtime.

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