Update hosted feature layer with 2 web adaptors

12-30-2017 02:59 AM
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I have a federated server and portal 10.5.1. using 2 web adaptors, one for the portal and the other for the server. they both seat in the same IIS that have a cert in it. This IIS is open to the world and the other server are closed. Everything is working great but I have a one problem.

I am a developer that does allot of work the rest API, in this configuration (I didn’t had that problem when I had 1 web adaptor configurated for both server and portal, but ESRI recommended to have 2) I can't update my hosted services. I can update my services the are in my SDE (And was publish directly to the server not to the portal as hosted) but the hosted one doesn't work.

When I try to get token from the portal I get:

"Invalid Token" that I can understand because that I work with the rest api of the server and I need to get a server token (I guess?) .

When I try to get a token form the server I get:

"User does not have the privilege to perform this operation." I know I need to get the server from the token because with this token I can query the service.

But way I can't update it? I am using the admin (and the owner of the items) credentials. The items is open for edit and I even created a group with one user because I thought it will help?

When I sign in to the rest API with the browser I can update it. The python doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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OK, Didnt know.

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