Trying to use existing tile cache after upgrating to 10.4

04-26-2016 07:03 AM
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We have tile caches for five services on our existing arcgis server 10.0.  I'm trying to get a new 10.4 server online, using the Esri ArcGIS 10.4 for Server with SQL Server Express AMI in AWS.  I've taken a snapshot of the volume holding our existing tile caches and attached it to the new 10.4 server.  I've configured our gdb and services, which work fine.  But when I point the services to the tile caches, it doesn't work as expected.  The service either does not recognize the tile cache, or sees it but hangs when you try to access the service.  We've used this approach in the past with our 10.0 servers, so I was expecting it to work the same way when moving to 10.4, but I didn't see anything about how to import an existing tile cache into a new 10.4 server installation.  I did update the ntfs permissions on the volume and these are compact tile caches.  I'd like to avoid re-creating the tile caches if possible (~200GB worth).  Any suggestions?



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Is this a fused or a multi-layered cache?

Multi-layered cache is not supported past 10.0.

The workflow described here has always worked for me:

Migrating ArcGIS Server 10.0 to later versions—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server

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Besides what Randall mentioned about multi-layerd caches, if you are still having issues, check the path names.  The upgrade from 10.0 to 10.1+ is a big one, but everything is so much easier, in my opinion, (once you get used to the changes) in 10.1+ that it is worth the effort.

What I typically do when I'm upgrading is to create the service first, without the cache in place.  Then I create a very simple cache based on the service, just to get the basic structure and path names setup.  Then stopping the service and moving it the folder usually works.  But before that, you would also want to compare the config files in case anything changed there. Test one one of you smaller, simpler services/caches first.  If it work, then work on the 200GB one.

BTW - I am not on 10.4 yet (still on 10.2.2 for production), so have not tested this method.  I'm waiting for 10.4.1 to be released (soon hopefully) before I make the push.  But that is the process I plan to take.

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