Trouble publishing a service

11-17-2016 07:37 AM
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Hi everyone,

I am testing out publishing services and I can't seem to get it working. I have a simple map with just 8 points; the service publishes without errors, but when I go to view it online in my server manager none of the points show up in the ArcGIS JavaScript URL. I'm working with ESRI support now and one of the things they noticed was the full extent having NaN values. Any ideas? I hope this makes sense. Much appreciated.

Full Extent:

      XMin: NaN
      YMin: NaN
      XMax: NaN
      YMax: NaN
    Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326)
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Looks like there is no data in the Map that was published? Could you tell us how you created those points (shapefile/Geodatabase Feature Class)? And what version is the ArcGIS Desktop and Server?

Screenshots would help

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Hi Jayanta,

In ArcMap 10.4.1 I geocoded 8 locations from an excel file and they showed up on my map. From there I just did the file menu>share as>service>publish a service. It was the only layer in the map. I'm also running server 10.4.1

You're correct though once published it's not showing up as a listed layer in the service URL. I'm happy to send screen shots of whatever you want to see that might help. Thanks so much.

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Are the created points an event layer, and not saved as a shape or feature class? 

Make XY Event Layer—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

The output point feature layer created by this tool is temporary and will not persist after the session ends. You can export this event layer to a feature class on disk using the Copy Features, Feature to Point, or Feature Class to Feature Class tool.

I have not tried to publish an even theme, but there is another thread that talks about it... 

This may have some suggestions that will help you.

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In my understanding, you loaded the simple data of 8 points, but when you try to view the ArcGIS API JavaScript map, you don't see those points. Can you still see your basemap? If your basemap is loading, xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax, should not be NaNs. Also, check the opacity/transparency you assigned to those points. Also, check if your ArcGIS Service is failing.  

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I've been working with ESRI support on this as well and what they think is happening is when we publish the service it asks if we want to copy the data to the server? I say yes, the data copies and the service starts, but when we actually look for the copied data on the server we can't find it.

Today I geocoded the data from excel, imported it as a feature class to my geodatabase on my arcserver, then added the geodatabase feature class to the map and published. It worked this way. ESRI is still concered as to why it wasn't working with copying the data to the server and they are still looking into it.

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So it's not copying the data to the server?  When you succesfully published it from the geodatabse, did it then copy  to the server?  I had some wonkiness when I first migrated to 10.3.1 server. There are times when having a geodatabase registered with the server is a good idea, but other times not so much.  You may want to look at that.  In my case the directory in which the geodatabase resides was registered, and it drove me and the tech support analyst crazy by the time we figured that out. Once we unregistered it, things behaved as we wanted them to.  Best of luck.

That should just about do it....
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Sounds like a bug... if you're trying to publish any data that lives in a folder, and that folder isn't copied, the publishing process should copy the data to the Server.  It shouldn't matter what type of source data it is.  In this case, it should be smart enough to copy the Excel file.  I would work out of a shapefile or file geodatabase feature class as a workaround and have Support investigate if this is a software defect.

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You are spot on Jonathan. I had a ticket open with support this entire time and they came back with this bug:

BUG-000098790 : No layers show up at the REST endpoint when XTools Pro is installed, and the service is published with data copied over to ArcGIS for Server.

I had installed XTools to try it out and it seems that was my problem.