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Tile Cache Not Generating - ArcGIS Sever 10.5.1

10-11-2018 10:14 AM
Occasional Contributor III

So...I have a series of caches that need to be rebuilt.  Right now, we have only one we are trying to do.  The issue is, its been chugging away for 18 hours with no 0% improvement.  Does anyone have a general checklist of things to look for on the server side that may or may not be causing tile cache generations to gag.  I have dug through the error logs and there are no listed issues there.  Its about 33GB in size estimated in terms of what the final tile cache size would be.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  

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Esri Contributor

Hi John,

Are you recreating the caches outright or are you using the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles geoprocessing tool to update an existing cache?

Generally speaking, here a few questions/considerations to make when troubleshooting caching workflows:

  • When the cache job is running, open Windows Task Manager > Performance. Do you notice CPU or RAM being consumed aggressively?
  • Do the cache directories have enough space to store 33GB of data?
  • Prior to publishing, are there any warnings present when running the Analyzer tool from the Service Editor?
  • Can you successfully publish the same data as a dynamic map service?
  • Where is the data being stored? Is this location registered with ArcGIS Server? If the data is being referenced in SDE, try creating a cache when referencing the data in a FGDB



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Hi Thomas,

Sorry for the hugely late response.  I was able to get the caches to rebuild on 1 of the 2 servers without any issues after I rest the permissions on all the folders and who the owner of the configuration stores were.  Go figure it was low hanging fruit like that.  Thanks a million for all your suggestions.  I am going to keep those handy if I run into any other issues.

Thanks again!