This type of item cannot be shared.

09-12-2019 09:08 AM
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I published feature layer to Our Portal, I am the owner of the  hosted feature.  It was working fine before.

Today :

- I can't view Item detail for this feature or edit or share from the portal,  I am getting this error when trying to share:

This type of item cannot be shared.

-  I tried to add it directly to ArcGIS Pro  I got this error

I can view it only through ArcGIS Online Viewer.

- Also I can't query its REST .

- From ArcGIS server manager, I am getting this error when I tried re share:

Just wonder what could be causing this Issue, and how to resolve it.


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Considering you can't query the service at REST, it sounds as though something is wrong with the service.  With that in mind, it makes sense that you're encountering an error when you try to share it.  What error do you see when you query the item at REST?  Right after you try to perform the query, is there any more information in the ArcGIS Server logs?

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