This release of the geodatabase is either invalid or out of date after restore

06-09-2017 05:17 AM
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With PGAdmin 3 I did a backup of database1 and restored it in database2.

When I try to connect to the database2 with ArcMap I get the following :

I compared both databases and they look identical (and they should be). What could be wrong ?

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Please let us know all the PostgreSQL RDBMS information (from both machines) and version of the Geodatabase.

How was the restore completed in PGAdmin?

Did you copy over the st_geometry.dll to the correct location before the restore?

Did the name of the geodatabase change?

Restore a geodatabase to PostgreSQL—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Adding Geodatabase‌ for more visibility.

--- George T.
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Hi George,

I'm using PostgreSQL 9.4 with ArcGIS 10.4.1.

This is a copy on the same machine (one machine, one instance of postgresql, 2 databases)

I created a new database in PGAdmin then did a restore with my backup file.

The name is therefore different.

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Make sure the new database has the same properties as the database you are going to restore, including name, encoding, and owner.

Restore a geodatabase to PostgreSQL—Help | ArcGIS Desktop (Same link as George provided in his answer....check it for more details)

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OK I did follow your advice/link and now I've got an error when using pg_restore : 

# pg_restore -U sde -d sig -n public backup.backup
Command \Users invalid. 

I'm puzzled...

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