Sync process replicate non selected features ArcMAP 10.3 Desktop

05-17-2016 10:53 PM
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I have two geodatabase on 10.3 version and want to replica and sync a feature class. I have created a Two way replica with "DATA" option and selected "The current display extent" and feature class with option  "Selected features only" on Extent window in Advance create replica options window. Replica is created on another geodatabase as per the options selected.

I also created another replica with "Register existing data only" option. I edit the feature which was selected for replication and  later Synchronize it . Process runs fine and replicate data as needed.

But if I edit the neighbor feature which is not a part of replica and later sync my existing replica, it also replicates neighbor feature which was not selected during replica creation process.

Anyone who has expertise in replica and can give me some steps for creating and sync only selected features ?... Any help on this will be much appreciated...


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