SQLServer instances and Geodatabases

01-21-2016 09:25 PM
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After readingMultiple GDBs vs Single GDB I thought I would throw another question out there that is sort of related.

Are people running their production and publication GDB's on the same SQLServer but in different SQLServer named instances?

eg SQLServerA\production_instance with GDB's inside and SQLServerA\publication_instance with GDB's inside

Or are production and publication on totally different SQLServer servers in default or named instances?

eg SQLServerA (production GDB's in the default sqlserver instance) and SQLServerB (publication GDB's in the default sqlserver instance)

We have been through the process where we were running publication and production on separate servers, have then consolidated all organisation db's (GDB and normal DB) back to one SQLServer and are experiencing performance issues, so we will now be separating them off into separate servers again.



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