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02-20-2018 11:18 AM
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Hi Everybody,
My customer have a 8 cores ArcGIS Server Advanced license, 4 of than are adicional cores and all of than are licensed in a 8 cores virtual server machine, and working fine. The 8 cores server machine is oversized for a while there are not heavy users in action.
So today my customer identified the necessity to expos a web aplication to public users, outside his network.
Can I take 4 cores from 8 cores license to install a new ArcGIS Sever Machine to being exposed for public users?


4 cores for public requests
4 cores for ArcGIS Enterprise

I counld not find any material about this topic, if you have, please share it.


Wellington Alves

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Can I take 4 cores from 8 cores license to install a new ArcGIS Sever Machine to being exposed for public users?

If you are talking about the AGS license on two different VM machines, my guess would be no...but that would be a customer rep/local-distributor question, not something the forums could answer.

But I wonder if you can just have two web adaptors and proxy, use the security to lock down the non-public services.  We do something like that (on a 4 core machine).  We are not federated with Portal.

edit:  not sure if this will help, but there are other thread that discuss cores.  May want to do some searches if you haven't already.  For example:



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I know this is old post still providing details as it got many views. ArcGIS Server licensing is considered for Physical core counts not for Virtual Core counts. As long as you are adhering to the underlying physical cores, you are free to use in in the following scenarios also.

Scenario 1: 4 machines with 2 physical cores each = 8 Core

Scenario 2: 2 Machines with 4 physical cores each = 8 Core

Scenario 3: 3 Machines - One machine with 4 cores, 2 machines with 2 cores each = 8 Core.

Even on cloud also same policy is followed. In the following AWS URL you can see that the physical cores are considered for licensing and not Virtual cores.


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