Snapping doesn't work when many enterprise layers load

02-02-2018 09:23 PM
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I am using Arcmap 10.6, when I have only limited number of enterprise layers loaded, the snapping experience process is painful. My cursor turns to "Busy" shape (the blue circle) and can't snap to the feature. I have no idea why it happens. Any solution?

Notes: Everything is hosted on a server through a Virtual Machine. The virtual machine includes all the mapping software for an enterprise level, along with SQL 2012.

Mapping Software: Version 10.6

ArcGIS Server

Portal for ArcGIS

Two ArcGIS Web Adaptors

SQL Server 2012

Operating System

Windows Server 2012 R2


32 gigs

Internet Bandwidth

50/50 mbps up/down


  1. Rebuilt the entire map..
  2. Checked the map's data source in ArcCatalog
  3. Ran MXD Doctor
  4. Restarted ArcGIS services in Services
  5. Set the Default map as Default_old and generated another Default map
  6. Full Compression (Includes Reconcile & Post w/ Rebuild Indexes) Python ~ nightly routine w/ log (Successful)
  7. Restricted memory limits in SQL
  8. Checked the snapping tool bar
  9. Checked the tables
  10. Restarted the database

When editing is turn off the map is VERY quick to cache/load the object. Once you begin editing you're unable to snap features. 

p.s. The local file geodatabases are not affected by this weird issue.

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Jordan, totally not about snapping, but a whitepaper on VM and ArcGIS Pro regarding setup which might be of parallel interest

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Thanks! I will let our IT department know.

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A few quick questions:

a. Since you mention .mxd, I assume you're using ArcMap and not PRO?

b. Are the layers hosted feature services or published directly to ArcGIS Server?

c. Is it possible to install and run a tool like Fiddler2 on your client machine, and while Fiddler is running check the traffic? My guess is that each layer is responding to some request.

There are a couple of potential culprits. This could be an issue with the geodatabase/datastore, or potentially network related, but my bet is on some query being executed against every layer in the map doc not being quickly serviced.

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Hi Randall,

a. Currently using ArcMap 10.6

b. We're bring in the layers through the "database connections"

c. I will be able to try this Wednesday and update our findings.

Concerning the last piece of information, can you elaborate on the query's not being executed against every layer in the map? Does this have to do with the network firewall possibly blocking certain access request?

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Was a solution found? I am having the same issue.

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