Sharing and Displaying Documents in Enterprise Sites

05-28-2020 03:37 PM
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I've created an Enterprise Site for my organization with a few different pages. On one of the pages ("Resources") I'd love to share some documents (PDF, Word, Excel) so users can have easy access to all relevant content within one site. 

I thought this was easy enough - I uploaded the PDF to my content via "Add Item > From My Computer", and then copied the URL for this document. I then pasted that into the Iframe URL section of the Iframe element configuration within Enterprise Sites Manager. Everything looked great and the user could easily scroll through the PDF, as intended.

However, after (I assume) two weeks, the page no longer worked due to an expired token (which I understand is the longest length of time a token can be valid for?) 

Recopying and pasting the URL for the document within the IFrame URL fixes the access issue (because it generates a new token), but I know the problem will arise again in another two weeks. What is the best way to go about this workflow using Enterprise sites? I feel that this is likely a common functionality that people would want to incorporate into their sites, so I can't be the first one to run into this issue....


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