SEVERE errors and Issues with Tiles

05-21-2020 08:15 AM
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I am getting a ton of SEVERE errors in my server logs -

They are essentially 2 different ones:  This exception was thrown after the response was committed. Access to this resource is not allowed - Code 9002 and Response already committed. Cannot forward to error page. - Code 9001.  

I went looking in the logs after I was experiencing problems publishing static/pre-generated tiles. It looks like the tiles are generating on my server - I can view the "bundles" in my cache directory but they do not show up in the browser - I only see the basemap. I can click and query the tiles - so even though they aren't visible I can see a popup. If I select generate tiles dynamically it works.

I'm hoping the two issues are related.  

Errors from ArcGIS Server

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I'm still receiving these errors. Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

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Did you ever figure out this issue? I'm experiencing the same issue.

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I am having this issue as well, any update on resolution.

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I'm seeing the same error messages - a great amount of Severe errors, same as the topic starter. However I'm not doing any tile work, rather we are having issues with users trying to submit responses to a Survey123 form, and one of my colleagues is not able to re-publish the survey. This is on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1, fully patched, spread across three machines (Server/Portal/Data Store), all of which have plenty of resources. 

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I'm getting this error as well, but I can't tell what's causing it. Any idea how I can trace the source of this error?

I'm running Enterprise 10.8.1 with server/portal/datastore on different machines; although, I was getting the same error when I was on 10.7.1.


Linn County, OR

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Same errors here at Clatsop County. We are using 10.7.1. I can't seem to find any issues that it's causing though, but I'm still not liking these SEVERE ERRORS occurring nearly every minute, every day. 

-Krysta Houseknecht

Clatsop County, OR

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Whatever causes that can't be that SEVERE since it does not seem to affect anything except generating log messages! I looked at it and gave up and opened a support ticket. When I learn anything new I will post it back here for posterity. Hi KeithOlsen!

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Hi Brian! Yeah, it seems silly to post an error that can't be traced. Someone on slack suggested looking at the web adapter machine server logs and see if there were errors there. Haven't done that yet. 

Right Krysta? If it's so SEVERE then what is the cost? Performance?

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My environment:  ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 Full Stack Windows Server 2012R2.

I get many severe errors every day on my server.  Now that I've been using ArcGIS Monitor for about 4 months, and can really analyze performance, I can report that the majority of the 9000 series errors are from consumer requests to use our services and the construct of the queries isn't correct.  Rarely do any of these severe 9000 series codes result in catastrophic failure of our ArcGIS Enterprise.  What's more, since most of them are getting generated from services I share to the public, we've nearly zero ability to stop the bad requests from coming in.  Moral of the story:  If your ArcGIS Enterprise is serving the public, then make sure the environment is resourced enough to keep on going despite these bad requests.