Setting up Database Server (Workgroup) ArcGIS Enterprise

06-15-2018 08:16 AM
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I am trying to create a workgroup geodatabase by setting up a database server along with ArcGIS Server 10.6. I have SQL Server 2017. When attempting to do so via this help page and through ArcCatalog (Create a desktop or workgroup geodatabase—Database Server (Workgroup) Installation Guide | ArcGIS En...) I get an error that states "Error creating this geodatabase. The application is not licensed to perform this operation."

I have proceeded to run the Database Server setup wizard (Set up a database server—Database Server (Workgroup) Installation Guide | ArcGIS Enterprise) but upon setting the sql server instance and windows login, the application freezes. 

In brief: has anyone else had a similar experience with a enterprise workgroup license ArcGIS Server setup? How was it setup to create a editable workgroup geodatabase? Thank you

- Robert

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Hi Robert,

Is your SQL Server instance SQL Server Express?  Database Server (Workgroup) will only work with SQL Server Express.  If it is SQL Server Standard or Enterprise, you will need an ArcGIS Server Standard or Enterprise license to create the geodatabase.

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Hi Robert,

To follow-up on what Jake stated, we just need to make sure you are using SQL Server 2017 Express and not the Standard, Developer, or Enterprise editions.

You had also mentioned that when you go through the Database Server setup wizard, it freezes? It sounds like it is freezing when you are going through the Enable Geodatabase Storage operation. If so, this would explain the error you see when you try to create a geodatabase. We commonly see this error when someone has not gone through the process of enabling geodatabase storage.

So the key here is going to be confirming that enabling geodatabase storage is where the setup process fails for you, and if so, why. Once we nail that down and get things working, the error when creating a geodatabase should go away.

We can try to help here or feel free to create a case with Support Services at 888-377-4575.



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Hi Jake and Jonathan,

Thanks for your replies. We are using SQL Server Express 2017 ver 14.0.1000.169 and yes to confirm: it is freezing at the Enable Geodatabase Storage operation. I've previously left it in that state for over an hour, in the seemingly unlikely event that it will restore operation, but it did not recover.

I will definitely open a case with Support Services to continue this troubleshooting. Hopefully that helps. Thank you.

- Robert

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Did you ever get a resolution on this? Experiencing the same thing. Thanks.

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