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12-05-2018 11:51 PM
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Hello there!

In one of our customers ArcGIS Server, we have a problem. AGS consists of a cluster build, there are 2 AGS machine. And we have also an ArcGIS Portal machine. We keep our server config folders at portal machine. So the 3 machine can communicate with each other without a problem. The problem is when we publish a service and try to use it in another process such as "Create map server cache" or "Manage map server cache tiles" we get an error "sometimes". Here is the problem:

ERROR: Failed to start one or more services. "No enum constantİTED"

you can see a capital i there, at EDİTED word, it is a Turkish letter. I don't know if it is a regional problem. But we get the error like this, "EDİTED".

When i get this error usually the service gets stopped. Then i go to AGS manager and try to start this service and i usually get the same error for 1-5 times more every time i try (i keep pressing Start button for 10 seconds) and after couple of seconds the service gets started again. And i can use the service in every process.

When i search for the problem i see no solutions. But when i look for the keywords at AGS config folder i found the json file that consists of the "lifecycle" key. Here is the location of the file:

"C:\arcgisserver\config-store\services\ [SERVICE FOLDER NAME] \ [NAME OF THE SERVICE].MapServer\esriinfo\lifecycleinfos.json"

In this file there are timestamps of the service, here you can see it:

"lifecycleinfos": [{
"user": "0123456789ABCDEF::portaladmin",
"timestamp": 1543914789841,
"type": "created"
}, {
"user": "",
"timestamp": 1543917015873,
"type": "stopped"
}, {
"user": "",
"timestamp": 1543917016035,
"type": "edıted"
}, {
"user": "",
"timestamp": 1543917027459,
"type": "started"
"lastmodified": 1543917027459

I think when we publish a service, the service definitions are being written to somewhere at cluster machines and since we do not wait it to finish its job and try to use it quickly in another process such as creating cache file, the service says that "just wait, i am being edited" We are having trouble with our customer for this problem even though you can skip the error by just trying to push Start button for 1-5 times at most. I am attaching a bad quality screen shot, sorry.

Do you have any ideas for this problem?

Thank you in advance,


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This seems like a bandwidth/throughput issue. ArcGIS is expecting faster writes over the network and the locks aren't getting cleared fast enough.

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