Server hangs while hitting Geocoding service

07-26-2017 11:23 PM
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I have created a custom address locator with suggestions enabled and published on my server.

When I use it in my application it searches once and when i make second search, my server hangs saying the resources are consumed. The console also shows Timeout error. 

What is the possible reason and solution to this??

#geocodingservice custom geocoder‌

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What version of ArcGIS Server are you using?

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I am using 10.4.1

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This sounds like a potential memory leak, likely data specific. Do you have any other locators that behave like this? What's the memory look like for the arcsoc.exe process that's associated with the service when you reproduce this issue? To check that, open task manager, right click on any of the columns (CPU, Memory, etc), click 'select columns', scroll down, and select 'command line'.