Server Advanced Enterprise and SQL Server Express

11-20-2015 04:42 AM
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I have a server 10.3 Advanced/Enterprise installed and authorized on a server machine.

A desktop 10.3 standard on another machine.

In order to publish a webmap with feature layers I need to connect to a database.

I am asking: is it possible to install a SQL server express (2012/2014 maybe. From Microsoft site)on the server machine, create an instance and then connect to that via the 'Create a database connection'? is this the way?

I am not  an expert with database, and I had only a previous experience with server workgroup (and a I downloaded the exe from esri site). I don't know if the enterprise does change something.

Thank you.

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Hey Pan, yes it's possible - we run that setup here at our city. Perhaps this link will help (ArcGIS Server Workgroup Microsoft SQL Server Express installation)

If you have ESRI maintenance/support contract I'd definitely touch base with them.

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Thank you Anthony PTCGIS for the quick reply.

So, I can dowload and install Sql server express 2014 (from Microsoft site) and the use the wizard to enable the SQL Server Express instance to store geodatabases.

Or is it  better to install directly the all the 2008 package even if it's outdated?

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