Search service questions

11-05-2015 02:50 PM
Occasional Contributor

Some questions about ArcGIS Server search services:

- Will ArcGIS Server search services be supported in ArcGIS Pro?  We have a enterprise search service running and it would be nice to know that capability will be ported to the new ArcGIS Pro platform.

- We're currently using Desktop 10.3.1 and Server 10.1, and in those search indexing environments, stand-alone .XML metadata files are not indexed for content such as as abstract and spatial extent - they seem to be treated only as "dumb documents". This is very inconvenient if you wish to document something stored offline but still allow it to be discovered by keywords or spatial extent.  Has or will this issue be addressed in a later release?  Is there another way to make offline items discoverable in this way?  The old ArcIMS metadata server used to allow stand-alone XML metadata files to work this way.



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