REST query related records from relationship class

03-01-2019 12:50 PM
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I'm wondering how to use the REST API to get the related table record to an address point in the origin feature class.

The REST API only appears to offer OBJECTID as the query component for Query Related Records, but the OBJECTID is not the known value we will search by, it will be address. The goal is that by querying a known address, the LocID attribute in the address points will match to the LocID attribute in the related table and we'll get our related data that way.

I don't have much experience with REST so I'm probably missing a critical aspect of the API, because we surely are provided with more query options than just OBJECTID, right?

Background: I created a relationship class between a feature class and a stand-alone table in an SDE geodatabase, with the Pkey and the FKey being the respective LocID fields in each table (this links the records together). I published an mxd that contains both the feature class and the table to arcgis server, and both appear in the resulting map service, as does the relationship info.

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Can anyone clarify this? Can the query related records interface accommodate greater flexibility in the ability to query with another self-designated identifier? Is this coming in a newer version? Esri?

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