REST metadata custom json element?

03-14-2017 01:08 PM
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dear Readers,

thank you for  taking the time to read my post.  Our REST services are working fine - the general information page has all information that we entered in the Map Document Properties (Pict 01) - When we click the JSON link we found that the JSON structure has pre-determined element names.  Is there a way to add new elements to the generated json?

Studying the REST services, publish process' Item Description was modified (Pict 03a)  as shown in the attached pictures to 'simulate' the paragraphs generated by the REST services page. Even though the REST services pages were made to look with new paragraphs (Pict. 03b), the JSON generated did not capture the 'new' paragraphs (Pict 04) as new elements, but inner content material of pre-determined elements (Pict 05).

We want to have Disclaimer and NEST Data Date (Pict 04) as separate elements of JSON instead of it being present in the Description element of JSON.

IS there a way to 'modify' the publish process or any other techniques to have the new paragraphs displayed in the REST pages to show up as new elements in the generated JSON.

thanks and regards

Ravi Kaushika

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