Republishing a MapService to a federated Portal from ArcMap Overwrites Portal Item

04-25-2017 01:04 PM
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I use ArcMap 10.4 to manage my ArcGIS Server services, federated with my 10.4 Portal.  Occasionally I need to overwrite an existing service (for instance if the schema changes, or if I want to change default symbology).  The workflow I follow is, using ArcMap, I go to File-->Share As-->Service-->Overwrite an existing service.  The problem with this workflow is that it can overwrite it's corresponding Portal item description, thumbnails, and tags.  That is, I have put a lot of work into modifying my Portal item descriptions, thumbnails, tags (the description is HTML formatted not just plain text), the thumbnail is a custom image not a snapshot of the map, and the tags are also custom.  I make all these modifications though the Portal UI, but they get overwritten when I publish through ArcMap.  Unfortunately I can't add a thumbnail to the map document, nor include HTML formatted description or Summary in the ArcMap Service Editor Item Description section.  

Has anyone found a way around this?  My only idea so far is to create a backup of all my federated item thumbnails, descriptions, and tags, and use the Python API to modify the items after I've overwritten the service.  But this seems labor intensive, and I can't believe no one has solved this problem yet.  


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Jay, did you ever get a solution to your problem?

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