Replication using Archiving

07-03-2017 09:26 AM
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I have a few quick questions about using archiving as the means of tracking changes between a one-way replica...

Note...both gdbs in this replica scenario would be sde gdbs

  1. If I wanted to use archiving as the means of tracking changes with a one-way replica, does the 'access_type' parameter matter?...does it need to be FULL or SIMPLE or will either one work?
  2. By using archiving as the change-tracker, is it possible to replicate non-versioned data from the parent sde gdb?  Going back to the question 1, would the 'access_type' parameter need to be set to 'SIMPLE'?...or does the 'access_type' really only apply to complex features like topologies, and geometric networks?
  3. I'm also assuming archiving only needs to be set on the parent sde gdb, since one-way replicas can include file gdbs?
  4. Are there any other parameters that should be set one way or another if we want to use archiving for tracking changes between replicas?


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