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Replication from 10.1 (SQL Server 2008) to 10.3.1 (SQL Server 2012)

12-15-2015 12:19 PM
New Contributor III

I am been tasked with designing a workflow to keep a very customized municipality GIS database in it's original production environment to protect it from failure while preparing the new database environment for data migration/cleanup  These systems will both be on very different  platforms.  Production system is ArcGIS 10.1 on SQL Server 2008 R2 and new 10.3.1 on SQL Server 2012 (on upgraded hardware and VM database and application servers).  I would like to see if there are any issues with creating a one-way database replica from the 10.1 system to the new 10.3.1 environment in order to prepare for a data cleanup and wherever possible migration to the LGIM platform to facilitate the use of portal (small p or big P), maps, apps and dashboard (initially in the Emergency Management arena). 

Does anyone have any success in a similar effort whether it be on replication topic or some other workflow?

Thank you for any input you can provide.


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