Removing Spatiotemporal ArcGIS Datastore Error

05-17-2019 04:52 AM
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On one of our machines, we accidentally enabled the Spatiotemporal datastore on a machine meant only for a Relational datastore. 

To remove it, I first went into ArcGIS Server Manager and simply deleted the Spatiotemporal store from the list, hoping this would trigger the Datastore to decomission it. It effectively did, but now I have an error message saying the following:

Failed to refresh local spatiotemporal big data store configuration settings from configuration store.

I went into the command line tools of ArcGIS Datastore and attempted to remove it manually with removemachine.bat, but I got the following error message:

This operation is not supported when ArcGIS Datastore Admin client has not established an Admin URL

Error encountered: This operation is not supported when ArcGIS Data Store Admin client has not established an Admin URL and credentials.

Thoughts on how to get rid of the store for good?

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Any resolution to this?  We are having a similar problem!

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I know this post is rather old, but you have to remove the Spatiotemporal Data Store from Server manager by clicking the "X" to unregister under Site>Data Stores.  Hopefully you figured this out long ago, but wanted to share that in case someone else stumbles across this po

st looking for solutions to a similar issue.

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