Registering folders with the server - subfolders included?

01-15-2020 08:23 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am getting prompted to register my data with the server when publishing in ArcGIS Pro. This is not new and I've done this many times, but I am confused about something.

thought that I had already registered the folder that the files (imagery) are in because they are all in the same folder, with subfolders created as necessary.

What appears to be new is that I need to register every single subfolder. I have aerials in a complicated folder structure to keep track of date flown, data provider, platform, etc..., and registering each folder will create a lot of records in the data store.

I did not used to have to register every single folder - just the one at the top.

Is this new with ArcGIS Pro? Is there a setting for "include subfolders when registering a folder with the server?"

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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