Register tilecache datastore on NAS

01-09-2020 07:00 PM
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How do you go about registering the tilecache datastore to use a NAS?

I have successfully registered it to a \\UNCPathToNAS\ location and the hosting server is working with this location. I can see the relevant directories on the NAS which would indicate the couchdb is located there. However, when I then publish a hosted scene layer, the data is dumped to a new directory on D:\UNCPathToNas\nosqldata etc. Everything is working but the data is in the wrong location. Running describedatastore reports the UNC path as the data location - but this is clearly not the case.

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The data store file directory shouldn't be on a share:

Create a data store—ArcGIS Data Store (Windows) Installation Guide | ArcGIS Enterprise 


You cannot use a UNC path when specifying the data store file directory.

Keep data store files on the same machine where you install ArcGIS Data Store.

You should move the backup directory to another machine, however, as it contains the relational data store backup files necessary to recover hosted feature layer data. After you finish configuring your data store, move the backup directory to a mapped network drive on a machine separate from the one you specified for the installation and data store directories. You can use a UNC path when you change backup directories. See Manage data store backups for more information.

The fact that it allows you to use a share is a bug in the software. I suggest you reach out to Technical Support to have it logged.