Register a .odc database connection with ArcServer

07-11-2019 12:30 PM
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We have a need to publish some non-spatial views from an Oracle database (these facts are all driven by a 3rd party application, not much we can do to change them for now).  

I am able to create an OLE DB Connection, and access the data and bring it into ArcMap for publishing.  However I cannot register this data source with the server, and do not want to copy the data to the server, so am stuck.

We are running 10.6.1 (have also tried on a 10.4 machine - same behavior) - and have the Oracle 32 and 64bit clients installed.

Vendor recommends making a 'direct connection' to the Oracle non-spatial database, basically by entering a string in the 'Instance' property when creating a new database connection:


This works, and can be registered with the server PROVIDED you are using 10.3.1 or older - it simply crashes Catalog/ArcMap when I try to connect this way on 10.4+ machine.  So that's not a useful solution, given that we are upgrading all machines to at least 10.6.1 ASAP.

So - wondering if there is either:

A) A supported way to make a 'direct connection' to Oracle DB in newer Arc versions 


B) A way to register a .odc connection with ArcServer.   

I will add that having 2 Oracle clients (32 and 64) is pretty messy, and I'm only 90% sure we have all of that set up correctly.

Thanks - 


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