redirect arcgis server directory to another server

10-20-2015 07:49 AM
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I don't really even know where to start with this or if it's possible, but I've got a situation where I had a bunch of services (I'll call them "movedservices") in one directory on an ArcGIS Server 10.31 (server1) and I had to move them to a completely separate ArcGIS Server 10.31 (server2) due to a project requirement.  The structure of the services and directory stayed the same, but the server 2 services are now accessed via a different IIS web adaptor (called server2) so that the change in urls looks like this:



I've shutdown the services on server1 and notified users, etc that the services have been moved, but I notice in the arcgis server logs that I get lots of hits to the old service locations. So, my question is: is there some way I can auto-redirect users to the new server location for just those services in that directory?  Either via the web adaptor on the web server or on the ArcGIS Server?


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