Raster Tiles cache successfully, but only white background shows

03-19-2019 09:08 AM
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I'm having an odd problem with a raster tile cache. All of my imagery except for the 2016 vintage has cached out with no issues. I'm using the exact same setup to publish the tiles (as far as I know). I publish the service with the option to build the cache later. When I run Manage Map Server Cache Tiles, the job completes successfully and I can see the bundles that were created when I look in the Windows file structure. However, when I preview the service in Catalog or try to view it in Portal or ArcMap, it appears as a blank white screen. I've tried zooming to nearest cached level, but no luck.

Using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, Server federated with Portal. Anyone else had this issue?

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Hi Amy,

If you toggle the service type from cached to dynamic, do you still observe the white rasters? If not, this is an indication that the cache might be discombobulated.

If the white areas are still visible as a dynamic service, this would be an indication that the underlying data is contributing the issue.



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That's an excellent point, Tom, thank you. I don't remember how I finally resolved this issue, but I didn't think to test it that way. I'll keep that in my proverbial back pocket for the next time something weird like this happens.

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