"MaxRecordCount limit reached" WARNING repeats every minute in server logs

05-09-2019 01:56 PM
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Curious to see if anyone else has experienced this issue: When I check our ArcGIS Server logs there is a repetitive WARNING message that happens roughly every minute for one of our map services, 24/7, even when there are no users:

MaxRecordCount limit reached; ignoring any remaining objects in the query result for Layer

It is a feature service coming from an Enterprise geodatabase (SQL Server) registered with ArcGIS Server (no Portal). The map service has a "Maximum number of records" setting of 1,000 and the layer only has 71 features as of now.

I haven't heard of any problems from the end users other than the WARNING message in the ArcGIS Server logs.


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Hi Brian,

We return this message as a warning to let users know that query performance will be slower the higher number of objects in the query result. It isn't going to cause any harm on its own.

That being said, getting this same message every minute 24/7 for only this one service is a bit odd. It has 71 features, are they complex features? Lines with lots of vertices or polygons with lots of vertices? That could play a role. Is it public? Could outside users be accessing it through a public web map or application?

Since it is referenced data, do you see queries in a SQL Server trace constantly for this service? Is anything happening on the database side at all when your users are not accessing this service? Could also be something to look at as well.


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Hi Jonathan,

The layer is about as simple as it can be -- it is a point layer with only 71 features (points). It only has about a dozen or so attributes and has attachments enabled (only a handful of attachments exist). It's also only available internally, there is no public app that uses it. Internally there are about 3-4 apps that use it. Nobody uses the layer in any of the ArcGIS desktop software.

I will look into the SQL database trace.

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Double check your map service properties, Set map service properties—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise , and make sure someone didn't set the maximum record count property to something ridiculously small.

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