Question about automatic cache creation and map extents

10-24-2016 03:59 PM
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I'm creating a cache from a Map Service in ArcGIS 10.3.1.  After setting up the cache setting in the Service Properties (Service Editor) window, it creates the cache tiles.  My settings include:

1)  Creating the tiles automatically (Update cache automatically)

2) Using the Area of Interest to cache - "Import from a Feature Class".  I use a custom feature class with polygons covering the areas I want the tiles automatically created.  

3) My cache tiles are being created in the default ArcGIS Server directory - arcgiscache

4) I have 10 different scales that I am creating tile at.

My question is:  Why doesn't the server seem to be generating all the tiles that it should.  The reason I don't think that all the tiles are being created, is that my custom feature class / areas of interest covers much more than 50% of the total area being cashed but the Cache Status only shows that 20.1% of the tiles are present.  

Maybe the map extent is larger than I realize?  I'll check that to but if anyone has any helpful hints, I would appreciate it.

My ArcGIS Server is on 10.3.1.


Matt Stull

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