Query attachments on hosted feature service in Portal returns strange error

03-25-2020 01:32 PM
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Greetings Everyone!

I seem to be running into a peculiar issue with my Portal for ArcGIS installation.  I created some hosted feature services programmatically using the REST API.  I am able to add and remove features from the service.  When I add attachments to the objects, I get a positive response.  When I view the data for a layer, the Photos and Files column shows 0 items.  If I click on the Add link, all the attachments I was expecting to appear are in the list.  I use the Query Attachments REST endpoint to query the attachments on a layer and I get "Error performing queryAttachments operation" message no matter what I input into the fields, even if it's a known attachmentID or globalID.

What really makes me think this is a bug is the following errors in my admin logs:

TypeMessageTimeTargetMachineUserCodeTime ElapsedProcessThreadMethod NameRequest ID
Error performing queryAttachments operation operation not implemented yet. "layers/0: queryAttachments"

I am running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 with my Portal federated to it.  I don't have any external authentication set up like Active Directory or SAML.  I have ArcGIS Data Store set up and it appears that my AGS server can talk to it.  I doubt I'd be able to store feature service data without it.  Anyone out there experience this, or have a workaround?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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We seem to be experiencing this here as well.

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Hi Hasheen DeBerry,

I was looking for information regarding this error message and found some information:

Looking through some Support tickets, I can see others encountered this exact error message while at version 10.7.1. Upgrading to 10.8 resolved the issue, the error message stopped appearing and the functionality works as expected. 

Hope this helps!


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