Publishing Spatial ETL Tools with output in ZIP format

01-25-2017 09:48 AM
New Contributor III

I have a Spatial ETL tool which is set up to create the output inside a ZIP file.  This works great when run locally, and the path for the output looks like "C:\Output.Zip\Output.dwg.  I end up with a nice zip file on the local drive with the DWG inside.

However, when you publish, that original output path gets changed to a scratch workspace, and it removes all path info except the file name Output.dwg.  The path ends up looking like '%scratch%\Output.dwg'.  It removes all reference to the zip file, so it doesn't create a zip file in the output, only the DWG file. 

How can I set this up to create a zip file when published?  Publishing a Spatial ETL does not involve ANY custom code of any kind - it relies on whatever parameters are set in the ETL tool.  So, I can't play with the output path or anything like that using Python or other programming language.

Has anyone tried to do this?



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