Publishing MXD to Cluster (10.22) - Workaround and Requested Solution

12-09-2014 08:28 AM
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When publishing an MXD from ArcMap to a web service, the Service Editor (in the Parameters section) does not include the ability to select a target cluster. Unlike publishing a GP or an SD, both of which include an option the option for selecting the desired cluster, this capability does not appear to be available from ArcMap.


Instead, the publication 'assumes' that the service is publishing to the Default cluster. Assuming that you still have your Default cluster in place the publication is completed and the Service may then be edited and moved to the desired target cluster. But, if you have removed the Default cluster then you need an effective workaround ..... (takes a bit of digging, but possible)


The workaround is to publish to an SD and set this for offline so that the data is included in the SD. From ArcCatalog the SD may then be published to a selected cluster in the Services Editor interface.


This is an inconsistence in the Service Editor between ArcMap and Catalog which make publishing maps to a named cluster a multi-step effort which could be addressed by simply adding to the Parameters tab the ability to select the target cluster.


If this is in the works, please let me know. Also, if there is a patch in place that updates this 'functionality' please send to me a reference link. If it is not in the works, it would be a simple enhancement that would add value and usability that customers (this customer anyway) would appreciate.


Many Thanks - Chuck

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