Publish Map Service with custom geographic transformation

08-07-2017 03:52 AM
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I would like to know if it is possible to publish a map service to ArcGIS Server which uses a custom geographic transformation. Is that supported?

So far, I created my custom transformation in ArcMap with the "Create custom geographic transformation" tool, then I published my mxd as a map service, having specified my newly created transformation method in the data frame. From the results window I then published the "create custom geographic transformation" used before as a geoprocessing service, run it and now I have my ".gtf" file into "C:\Users\<arcgisserveruser>\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Server10.5\ArcToolbox\CustomTransformations".

Apparently, this does not make my map service using the transformation, as if I try to import it from the catalog window in the mxd I used for publishing, there is a shift between the map service and the feature classes.

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