Publish feature layers be referencing data help

06-03-2020 03:31 PM
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Good day everyone,

I am having an issue publishing feature layers to ArcGIS portal. I am using an enterprise .sde database to store my collection data. My intention is to use the feature layers in making an offline map to be used with the collector app. Field workers will use the offline map in the collector app to collect data and then sync the data when they return to the office.

I have published hosted feature layers by copying all data just fine. However, I would like to use my enterprise database to store the collected data. I believe I have followed all the necessary guidelines. I have checked the options to sync data and allow export in different formats. When I attempt to publish the feature layers the tool runs just fine and completes. When I check on my portal and open the feature layer, I don't see any layers inside. When I try to view the data it says error. I have attempted to publish the layers multiple times since last week with no luck.

I should also say that last week Friday (May 29, 2020) I was able to publish the layer just fine as I wanted. When I went into the portal I saw the layers and everything. I was able to make the offline map and everything worked fine. Monday (June 1, 202) I wanted to make some changes to the layers. I wanted to add another item in one of the layers as well as add a field. So I deleted the layers on my portal, updated the layers in ArcPro and then attempted to republish them to the portal as I did before. However since then I am unable to get it to work.

I have included several pictures to help you guys see what I am talking about. I hope someone can shed some light because I am totally lost!

PS The picture showing the layers (Collector Feature Layer Backup) is when I published by copying all data. This is my backup option. I would prefer to reference the data to my sde database.

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