Proper parameters for restoring webgisdr

06-28-2019 02:04 PM
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Hi -

I need to restore my webgisdr backup to a new server that was configured with the same DNS name on a different network. I am trying to simulate my production environment to test a patch Esri development has given me on this test environment. The documentation for the restore process isn't very specific when it comes to the correct parameters if you are using AWS S3 storage for your backup. It mentions how the restore needs the shared location, but is that still true under AWS and S3? If so, they are on different networks, and the sahred location doesn't have anything in it pertaining to our webgisdr backup?

Can someone please clarify what is needed if you are using webgisdr in AWS S3 and not on a file system? The document aslo mentions that the domain account that runs the backup should have access to the location, we are not on a domain?

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If the backup is in S3 or Azure BLOB, then the BACKUP_STORE_PROVIDER will be set to the respective value (AmazonS3 or AzureBLOB), but the restore process still needs a share for the SHARED_LOCATION property. The DR tool will pull the backup down from the cloud storage, unzip it into the SHARED_LOCATION path, and then run restores passing in the path for the backups within the SHARED_LOCATION to each component.

In terms of the second paragraph, we should probably get rid of the word "domain" and just say the "the account used to run the Portal, Server, and Data Store services needs to have access to the SHARED_LOCATION path".

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